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Combining personal growth and financial freedom in a business opportunity, this is the focus of Lifepath Unlimited, a relatively new company in the home-based business industry. In this objective Lifepath Unlimited review, I will examine the products, business opportunity, and what the realistic chances are of making profits with this company.The company has three primary products. All three are related to personal growth and self-improvement The first is called the Discovery series, which is a home study course that comes with 8 CDs, an Internet-based classroom, and a 56 day step-by-step personal development plan, which costs $1695. The second is called the Breakthrough Event, which is a three-day seminar, with motivational speakers taught at exotic locations around the world, for $8,995. And the third is the Destiny Event, an even more lavish 5-Day seminar presented at locations such as the pyramids of Egypt, and Boro Boro, for $14,995. Both seminar fees include tickets for two, and all meals and accommodations are included, except airfare.This is a top-tier direct sales company, which is similar to both direct sales and network marketing in many ways, but with some important differences. The biggest difference is that the prices are much higher than the cost of products in your average direct sales and network marketing companies. This is where the term “top-tier” applies. And, reciprocally, there is also a much higher payoff if you can sell the products. An important difference from standard direct sales is that top-tier companies such as this one will also provide a residual income component, which is a common feature of network marketing compensation plans.But can you sell the products? The first thing you will have to realize is that “everyone” is NOT your prospect, as many network marketing companies preach. You will need to target people who are middle class or higher, who have some disposable income, and who are looking for a path to total financial freedom. The people you target will also need to be enthusiastic about personal growth.An encouraging feature of this business is that they recommend using Internet marketing as a tool for business growth. Most network marketing companies, despite the fact that they will usually supply replicated websites for their representatives, will discourage professional marketing in favor of the word of mouth approach. The Lifepath Unlimited review has found the opposite to be the case with this company, perhaps because they realize that your target market will be too narrow for any possibility of success when limiting your sales to friends and family members. The company even supplies a marginal level of Internet marketing training. However, anyone who is familiar with Internet marketing will tell you that you need to gain a higher level of mastery over these strategies in order to attain success.This Lifepath Unlimited review finds that the products are all high quality, and the compensation plan has a much higher payout than that of many direct sales and network marketing companies. However, especially due to the narrow target market, in order to be successful you will most likely need to seek outside training on Internet marketing techniques that are specifically designed for home business owners. Whether you pursue Lifepath Unlimited, or another business opportunity, these skills are a must in the Internet age. For more info on recommended marketing programs such as this see the author details below.

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In this Evolv review I am going to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly regarding EvolvHealth organization, the evolve company, and also the Evolv product offering.Evolv Review Point 1: The Evolv CompanyEvolv, a Dallas Texas headquartered organization was established in 2009 by a successful entrepreneur known as Trey White. Trey by his own admission is a serial entrepreneur. He has started and designed at least ten organizations from the ground up. 24 months prior Trey discovered a technology/formula which had been sitting in a research laboratory for over Fifteen years and consumed for over 8 years. Following hearing several dynamic stories about this formula he was convinced that there was something there. He invested heavily in to the company to scientifically prove out their theories. With the help of Powerful scientific research in hand Trey Released EvolovHealth in 2009.Evolv Review Point 2: The Evolv Product Offering.The Evolv Health product is nutrient enhanced water. Archaea Active(TM), the key ingredient in Evolv has been found to increase oxygen utilization at the cellular level. The purported benefits associated with Archaea Active (TM) are excellent hydration, resistance, absorption of essential supplements, greater recuperation, more effective blood circulation, accelerated performance, and better recuperation from stress and fatigue.Evolv Review Point 3: Evolv Opportunity Positive QualitiesThe health and fitness market is an enormous market and Sports drinks are the rave. Other competing items such as Vitamin water, Gatorade, and other businesses have been able to benefit enormously from the present trends. If positioned properly Evolv health can also benefit inside this current health conscious/sports enthusiast environment.Evolv Review Point 3: Evolv Opportunity DownsidesUnpalatable and odor free, to the unfamiliar the Evolv product can look to be plain old water. Tangible Advantages from the product fluctuate from people to people and might not be experienced immediately if at all. At 50+ dollars per case (over2.00 per bottle) it can be a hard sell for consumers that mistake it for something they can get for at no cost out of their sink.Evolv Review Point 4: What is The price tag of an Evolv membership?At $39 the fee to purchase the Evolv MLM opportunity is pretty cheap. There is also $19 per month for website/back office fee and autoship for the product is somewhat over $100 for 2 cases that typically is pretty common industry wide. All in all the low rate of entry and the mid range autoship makes this an attractive opportunity, especially in times of restricted budgets.Evolv Review point 6: How to Have Great Success with the Evolv OpportunityTrying to sell the Evolv health Water at retail is a way to make some money but that is not how to create massive wealth. With Evolv as well as other Online Marketing businesses the true way to prosperity is through leverage. This simply means developing a team of associates who use and sell the product and consequently whom also recruits other associates into your team as well. If done right you will have an funds that will increase beyond your ability to stop it… (Even after you have long stopped working your Evolv business.There a variety of ways to construct this leverage but at the end of the day to be hyper successful with your Evolv business you will need to understand how to promote it appropriately. I could not end this Evolv Review without teaching you how..